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It's not about us - It’s about YOU

  • Have you or a family member ever served in the Australian Defence Forces?
  • Do you need someone on your side who will listen and to talk to?
  • Have you or a family member ever been injured—not just physically—whilst in the service?

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Our mission

Our mission is to help you and your family make informed choices to enhance and maintain quality of life.

Our purpose

It's simple. Too many serving and ex-serving personnel and their families have difficulties coping with the stresses and fall-out of military service. Our purpose is to provide you with the help you need.

Our focus

Our motto is ‘It’s about YOU’. It is important to recognise you are and always will be a valued member of our community, irrespective of your injuries and experiences you have endured.

We are completely committed to providing exceptional help and advice. Our speciality is information and support and education - it is our core focus.
We provide a personalised and professional information, support and training services, with ‘quick results’ and ‘keeping you informed’ being our main objective.
We have an in-house Pensions Officer and a national network of pensions and advocacy contacts who can assist you with assessing and reviewing your entitlements, we have registered trainers in mental health care for families for free.

You are not alone!

We will listen and provide you and your family with information and assistance, so you can make informed choices about today and for your future, which will ultimately lead to securing and maintaining quality of life.

Our difference

  • We are innovative!
  • We listen!
  • We take action!

With your approval and assistance, we will investigate and pursue issues raised in an attempt to enhance your quality of life or right any wrongs.

We closely scrutinise government agendas and act as your voice to ensure welfare, pension and advocacy services and entitlements are maintained and improved for the future. 

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