To the Australian Signals Corps by Melanie

This Anzac day is special to me
A little more than the last few years
Going to dawn service without him
Just me and the kids and some tears.

So I thought I'd try and lighten the day
Warm fuzzies for Chris and blow 'em away
Well this is for you babe, til you come home in May.

Our Signals Corps, comms drones of war
The stuff that's made of men
Walking down the road reading binary code
While were at home with our friends.

I love talking about my man
He's overseas right now
If you could only see what he does for our land
It would give you a glimpse in life how.

He thinks I'm number one, he does it for me
And says it's just in his blood
But I know he cries alone at night
With his guts lying in the mud.

So give 'em a break and open your eyes
You'd be amazed what they do at war
And show 'em repsect, you might need 'em one day
Why not buy 'em a beer on ANZAC Day
Then gather your mates and say g'day.

To the Australian Signals Corps... oxoxox love ya babe.


18 April 2010 ©

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