Dog Selection

Dog Selection

Training a dog to become an Assistance dog is a minimum two-year commitment. Therefore it is extremely important to have a dog of the appropriate age and breed. You also need to commit to regularly training and exercising your dog for at least this 2 year period.

Dogs of 8 months old to a maximum of 2 years are the best age for training; young enough to learn new things, old enough for us to gauge the dog’s personality.

Before choosing a dog, please contact The Dog Squad as they will assist with sourcing a suitable breed of the right age, and give advice prior to making a decision on a dog. Only approved Dogs can be considered for the program. The Dog Squad has the right to reject any dog that is not deemed suitable.  Dogs considered as 'Dangerous Dogs' will not be accepted into the program.

All participants have a shared responsibility to make this programme a success for the participants and all future Diggers.

Finally be clear about the reason for the dog. It is to assist you control, overcome and cope with your combat stress.  This is a huge task for a four-pawed colleague. Do not expect more from the dog by thinking it will be good for breeding, showing, hunting, fighting, macho image maker, and other ideas you may have for the dog.  It is a dog not a wonder drug; it will try and do everything you ask, but do not destroy your bond by expecting too much.


Eligible Breeds

Please contact Young Diggers to find out more about the preferred dog breeds which will be considered for the program based on their suitability to be trained as an Assistance Dog.

Under NO circumstances will any dog listed as a prohibited or Dangerous Dog in any state be accepted into the program.

Please direct any questions to:

Some General Conditions

If Young diggers has supplied your dog and for any reason you mistreat it or you fail to train it as required by our program we will remove the dog from your care and May report it to the RSPCA.
The dog remains the property of Young Diggers until it completes it's full PAT. 


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