Dog Squad Applications

Eligible Young Diggers members can apply to join the Young Diggers Dog Squad.

To join the program you must first apply to be a member of Young Diggers by completing our

- If you would like to apply to adopt a Young Diggers Dog Squad dog please complete the Adopt A Dog form found at the bottom of this page

If you would like to apply to have your dog assessed for suitability to train with the Young Diggers Dog Squad please complete the Own Dog Application found at the bottom of this page

All Dogs must be at least six months of age and desexed before they are considered for assessment.


- All Dog Squad Applications are to be E-mailed to:

When  your Application is received, it will be reviewed by the team at Young Diggers. Once all the information is verified, one of our  Dog Squad team members will then contact you as soon as possible. 
Please note: The Dog Squad program is run entirely by volunteers and we are currently receiving a large number of applications and requests, so your patience is appreciated.

Some General Conditions

If for any reason you mistreat your dog, or if you fail to train it in this program, we may remove the dog from your care and report you to the RSPCA.

The dog remains the property of Young Diggers until it completes its full PAT testing.

If Adpoting a Dog - You must have already discharged from your branch of service for a min of 6 months


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