Membership Online Application


To qualify as a Service Mbr, you need to be:
  • A serving or ex-serving member of the Australian or New Zealand Army, Navy or Air Force, and Australian Federal Police who have served on peacekeeping missions, post-1975
  • If ex-serving, have an honourable discharge certificate
To qualify as a Family Mbr, you need to be:
  • An immediate family member of a serving or ex-serving man or woman who would qualify for membership as a 'Service Member'
To qualify as an Associate Mbr, you need to be:
  • An ex-serving member of the ADF and any NZ Ex-Service Members Living in Australia or their immediate family pre-1975. Serving and ex-serving military personnel and their immediate family from other Allied countries. Or be an individual or organisation who is interested in and supports Young Diggers and wants to be kept informed.
  • Serving or ex Serving Australian State Police Service Officer, Ambulance Service Officer or Fire Service Officer

Applicant's Personal Details

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Part 1
If you served or are serving with an Allied Nation, please include which country and type of service.
Only if applicable.
Part 2
Please provide your current rank. If you are no longer serving, please provide your rank on discharge.
Only if applicable.
NOTE: Military, Police, Ambulance, Fire Service Members who have discharged from service - This is for proof of Service - if unable to upload please email a copy to NOTE: Without this we are unable to complete your membership to Young Diggers and cause delays in your application to programs like Dog Squad
Only if applicable.
Only tick yes if you have been deployed on operations

I accept, that Young Diggers is predicated on having the trust and respect of its members and the serving and ex-serving military community, and that I will communicate honestly, with integrity and good judgment on all matters and not undermine the good work or reputation of Young Diggers.

Note: Membership of Young Diggers is not automatic. Your application will be assessed by the Young Diggers Executive prior to membership being granted. Membership may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of the Executive. By becoming a member you automatically agree for Young Diggers to contact you. Your details are private and confidential and will only be released to another party with your permission, or in an emergency situation.