To my mates 'Down Under' by Bob Beskar

As you celebrate your ANZAC Day
I know the pain you feel
For the mates you’ve lost in battle
Left a wound that will not heal!

That’s why it means so much
To honour those who gave
All their sweat and blood
For the country that they saved!

The blokes who were fine Diggers
Are remembered on this day
And honoured by the living
For the price they had to pay!

May their sacrifice live on
And this day forever be
For without their love of country
How could you all be free?

So celebrate your day
And honour all who gave
For the land you truly love
Was worth the price to save!

God bless you, my dear friends
And all your mighty mates
For we 'Yanks' send our regards
From up here in the 'States'!

Bob Beskar, US Veteran

2010 ©

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