New Generation Veterans by David Delaney

We honour our old veterans, we honour them with pride,
And read of all the horrors they have carried deep inside,
We know they served in Asia or New Guinea’s highland rains,
Vietnam or in Africa where many men were slain.

We know that fateful landing on Gallipoli’s dark shore,
Wherever Aussies fought, we know there are so many more,
But now a new young generation needs our help as well,
They too have been to war and suffer with their private hell.

Though losses are not classed as great, their fears are just the same,
Those electronic hidden bombs, still injure, kill or maim,
They fight against an enemy they find so hard to see,
Who mingle in the market place, then cause much tragedy.

Insurgents in Afghanistan hide in the rough terrain,
Or roaming in Iraq, where, wearing robes they look the same,
The suicide stealth bombers, don’t care who they hurt or kill,
Then, with their own beliefs, they try to break our forces will.

Our fighting Aussie spirit shows on any foreign land,
They’re in the skies, they’re on the sea, or on the desert sand,
Now many are returning with the horrors they still see,
And living with their nightmares, suffering bureaucracy.

I know on ANZAC Day, we all remember with a tear,
But ALL vets, young or old, they need our help throughout the year,
Support and listen to their stories, when they do get told,
Let’s honour our NEW veterans, just like we do our old.

David J Delaney

10 February 2010 ©

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