2017 Dog Squad Training Times

 2017 session times now available.

Dog Training sessions are now available for Young Diggers Dog Squad members at the following locations:


The Bunker

Every Wednesday

Venue: The Bunker, 3/16 Thurlow St, Newmarket Qld

1000 Training commences

1200 BBQ

1st Wednesday of the Month - Obedience Training on the Grounds

2nd Wednesday of the Month - Shopping Centre (Meet at Bunker 0930hrs)

3rd Wednesday of the Month - Agility Training

4th Wednesday of the Month - Assessments (Jacket/PAT practice) / Obedience Training

5th Wednesday of the Month - Theory Lessons - Animal Care, Cleanliness & Hygiene; Nutrition; Animal First Aid; Legislation, Policy and Procedures; Rights and Responsibilities. (Wed 29 March; Wed 31 May; Wed 30 August; Wed 29 November).

Tamworth, NSW

Dog Training on Sunday's 8.30am to 11.00am

General Inquiries




LOCATION: Scholten Canine Centre, 25 Swan Street, Tamworth, NSW, 2340

HOURS: Monday 9am - 1pm, Wednesday 9am - 1pm, Sunday 11am - 1pm

Please note that these sessions are subject to change, so please check back here regularly. If you have any inquiries regarding training please phone the Dog Squad on 0416108450.

If you would like to join, please apply to become a Young Diggers Dog Squad member.


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