Queensland Police Service (QPS)

Vocational Entry Pathway (VEP)

The QPS is trialing a new entry scheme. This scheme is a further relaxation of the normal entry requirements including the ADF entry pathway.

The Vocational Entry Pathway (VEP) provides an education exemption for applicants with employment experience who do not hold the necessary tertiary qualifications to meet the current Minimum Application Requirements for the QPS. If you believe you have the skills and aptitude to be police officer, VEP may be your opportunity to APPLY TODAY!

VEP enables suitable people with skills, life experience and the desire to help the community to start rewarding and challenging careers with the QPS.To be eligible to apply for the VEP trial, you need to have worked full-time for:

2 years since finishing Year 12, or
4 years since finishing Year 10.

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ADF Applicants Revised Education Entry Standards

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) recently reviewed the entry requirements for ADF personnel to recognise certain ADF service and training.

The standard Police Recruit Operational Vocational Education (PROVE) application generally requires applicants to have successfully undertaken a minimum of 200 hours of Diploma level study to be considered for entry to the QPS.

Substantive Corporal/Leading Seaman (or equivalent) or higher

Applicants with at least four years of full-time ADF service and have achieved the rank of Substantive Corporal/Leading Seaman (or equivalent) or higher, are automatically granted an education exemption. Although an education exemption applies to this group of applicants, all other minimum entrance requirements of the PROVE program must be met.

ADF personnel who have attained this rank or higher are eligible to fill out the PROVE application and send it to:

GPO Box 2946
Brisbane QLD 4001

Substantive Lance Corporal/Able Seaman (or equivalent) or below

If you hold the rank of Substantive Lance Corporal/Able Seaman (or equivalent) or below, with a minimum of four years full-time service, you may be eligible for a partial or full education exemption. If you believe you have gained equivalent knowledge, skills and training to be exempt from the minimum 200 hours of tertiary education, please apply in the following method;

Complete the ADF Application for Education Exemption Form below, and attach:

  • your complete record of training and service, including results of your promotion examinations
  • your two most recent evaluation reports - if these reports have not been overviewed by a commissioned officer, please supply the name of a commissioned officer who can be contacted
  • a copy of your latest medical examination results (if available)
  • any other documents that may assist with your application for recognition of ADF service in lieu of 200 hours tertiary study.

Send this information marked ‘ADF Confidential’ to:

Principal Recruiting Officer
Application Case Management Unit
Queensland Police Service
GPO Box 1440,
Brisbane Qld 4001

For further details email:

Former ADF personnel can apply under the same conditions, provided they have been discharged for a period of less than five years.

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