Stronger Than Grief by Chaplain Jim Cosgrove

Australians are all reeling and many folks are feeling
dismayed with all our recent soldiers’ deaths
We farewell a fallen brother then another then another
and its like we need to stop to catch our breath
While one family is grieving another is receiving
the news that takes their world to grief and sorrow
There’s lots of fear and tension, you can sense the apprehension
as we wonder if there’s more bad news tomorrow.
But the families will tell us the are so proud of their fellas
even as they stop to wipe away their tears
They say they feel inside an intense and burning pride
as they face the nightmare of their deepest fears
Their courage and belief are even stronger than their grief
that their sacrifice is for a worthy cause
They believe their precious sons, brothers, dads, beloved ones,
have paid the price for freedom on our shores.
They want to tell their mates to never doubt or hesitate,
to fight this fight against the reign of terror
An untimely made decision to turn our backs on this mission
Would be at this sad time a costly error
As families deal with grieving they are strengthened by believing
that their soldiers gave their lives for you and me
In the history of their nation there are many generations
whose sacrifice has made our country free.
And so in this time of grief, please don’t falter in belief
that our Aussie boys are where they need to be
They’ve got the guts to fight their wars, keep supporting them because
They need support from their community.

Chaplain Jim Cosgrove

Chaplain at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera ©

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