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Thanks from 6RAR

We have received a plaque from the veterans of A Coy, 6th Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, Mortar Det who served in Afghanistan with 1MTF in 2010, who wanted to show us their appreciation and to provide Young Diggers some recognition and thanks for our support while they were away. It was, is and always will be our pleasure to help. Thank you guys. Click here to go to the bottom of the page to view in PDF.

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Sam & Jess enjoy the success they have found in each other

February 2011 - 'Sam and I got married a month after he returned from his tour in Afghanistan. It was a difficult nine months but having our wedding to look forward to and plan for really helped. We had a fabulous day with family and friends and asked them all to make a donation to Young Diggers in lieu of gifts. This was something really important to us and we were really glad that we were able to give back to such a great cause.'

Sam and Jess wanted to share their wonderful day with everyone. Young Diggers received a great donation of $660.00 from this young couple and we are truly grateful. We wish them all the best for their future.

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Employment success for M in the drilling industry

February 2011 - I spent twenty one wonderful years in the Royal Australian Navy. I resigned to spend more time with my wife and raise a family. After resigning I spent the next few years working as a sales rep for a couple of companies making them richer and me poorer. I decided it was time to get my own business so I could support my family in the way they deserve.

I purchased a cleaning franchise in a country town and set out to make my fortune. Two years later we were worse off than before, so I decided to chase down a new career. The mining industry was screaming for workers so I jumped on the internet and applied for every position I could find. A couple of years later and still no luck (they don’t tell you in the adds they want at least two years experience).

Still not deterred, whilst searching the web I stumbled across this web site called Young Diggers offering to find me a job in mining. I’m not young, but why not have a look anyway I’ve got nothing to lose. A few months later here I am doing my induction into my new mining career.

Young Diggers took the reins and ran with them, keeping me informed at every step of the process right through to today. I firmly believe if I had not found their web site I would never have gotten into the industry, as the old saying goes, it’s not what you know but who you know.

I thoroughly recommend to any one getting out of the service and looking for a career in the mining industry to get on the Young Diggers website, apply and watch it all just happen.

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Help with DVA Claim

Hi Peter & John,

Thank you so much for your assistance, guidance and patience with my DVA

It has been a long process but is certainly on its way forward.
I could not have done this without your support.

I truly appreciate the time everyone at Young Diggers have given me to get
this through to where it is now.

Kelly and I are both grateful for the support Young Diggers have assisted
us with for the initial payments for my treatment.  I have been
subsequently applying those additional ones to my health insurance provider.
If you require any documentation of these, please let me know.

My out of pocket expense has been extremely minimum (not including petrol
of course, which is not an issue), my total expense was a gap fee of $50
paid once.

With the assistance and treatment I have been receiving from Solutions,
this is an extremely low amount (yes, I have an invoice, I will probably
send it to DVA once my claim has a decision).

Through the treatments so far, I have been working with my family to
regulate my feelings/emotions and frustrations to a more appropriate manner
and this has been very positive to my family.

This is DIRECTLY due to the assistance and training/treatment that
Solutions have provided me and the claim/financial support from Young

There is a long way to go still but I know I would not be where I am today
without this.

Thank you again for all of your efforts, I really don't know where I would
be right now without the support that both of you have provided and you all
have given!

I will keep you up to date as things progress.


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