Trainer Report Log

Assessing an individual's dog for the Young Diggers Program

The National Canine Co-ordinator or State Co-ordinator will contact you with the details of individuals once their application to Young Diggers has been approved.  Application forms are available under the Dog Squad section of the website.

If you have been asked to assess a dog for suitability and it belongs to an individual, the dog must be social with other dogs and people; it must not show any signs of aggression or anxiety. Please notify the CO National Directors of Dog Squad via email of the outcome of the assessment.

Attendance: below is a new form to be filled out by all those who attend training classes, complete form and email to


Trainer Reporting Log

In order to meeting our requirements for PAT testing, records must be submitted after each training session. Please complete and submit the following form.

Ensure you only include details about the dog and relevant training notes. Do not includes personal details about your attendees for privacy reasons.

Please list full name of attendee, then put Dog name in brackets. eg: John Smith (FIDO)
yd-ds-attendance-sheet-ver1.pdf78.01 KB

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