What is a digital video?

Digital Storytelling (videos) is a narrative form in which 3-4 minute stories are created using scripts of 250 -300 words (about one A4 page). These are recorded as voiceovers, against 20-30 images or video clips, which are typically brought from home or personal archives.

A Digital Story is built around two core elements:

  • The text - a piece of text 200-300 words in length
  • Visual materials – your photos and other personal images (including home video clips)

Contact us if you would like to participate in a digital video.

The text

The text for the narrative is relatively short – 200-300 words. You will need to think about the content of your story before you start: perhaps a particular event; perhaps an experience that you feel is really important to your current situation.

It’s important to write your story out, so that when you record it, the reading flows more easily. The text is recorded as an audio file. If necessary, the facilitator will be able to assist you with writing your story.

Visual content

Ideally, a digital story should be 100 per cent original content – derived from your own photographs, and other personal items (for example, postcards, pamphlets, these can be scanned into a digital form). A good digital story will have two images per sentence.

If you choose to use images that aren’t your own, then you need to seek permission from the author and to acknowledge them at the end of the story.

The digital story

The story is created by blending the audio file (your story) and the images. The facilitator will work with you to record your story and once this is complete, will merge the visual and audio files to create your story. This is a relatively easy part of the process. Writing your text and selecting the images that will complement the words most effectively, are the areas that will require your attention.

Rosemary Marson

Our official digital story teller

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